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   Cryopreservation services for Sperm, Embryos & Eggs for future transplant

Protocol for the Transport & Transfer Services
of Cryopreserved Reproductive Cell(s) and/or Tissue
including "Biological Shipper(BioS) Rental"

The Sperm & Embryo Bank of New Jersey, Inc. (SEBNJ) provides the support and coordinates all services for the efficient, safe and reliable transport/transfer of cryopreserved Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue such as:
Sperm, Testicular Tissue, Epididymal Sperm Aspirates, Embryo(s), Oocytes (Eggs) and Ovarian Tissue in the U.S.A. and Worldwide.  

All “Biological Shippers” carry a quality control certification labeling, quality control modalities are performed on a yearly basis.

SEBNJ offers two types of services:

  • Door to Door Services ("D to D Services") SEBNJ will coordinate the Door to Door pick-up, transport/transfer and delivery of a Clients Reproductive Cell(s) and/or Tissue such as:
    Sperm, Testicular Tissue, Epididymal Sperm Aspirates, Embryo(s), Oocytes (Eggs) and Ovarian Tissue between various facilities. Clients must review, complete and submit all the required forms (as listed below).  The fee schedule annexed to this protocol reflects only fixed and base fees, the fee schedule does not include any applicable handling surcharges, such as custom fees, brokerage fees and international or local taxes.

  • Self Transport/Transfer ("S-T/T Services") SEBNJ will provide a "Biological Shipper" (BioS) on a "per day" rental fee basis to individual Clients that opt to undertake the purpose of Self -Transport/Transfer of their Reproductive Cell(s) and/or Tissue such as:
    Sperm, Testicular Tissue, Epididymal Sperm Aspirates, Embryo(s), Oocytes (Eggs) and Ovarian Tissue.
  • It will be necessary to contact the current facility that is storing your reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue such as: Sperm, Testicular Tissue, Epididymal Sperm Aspirates, Embryo{s), Oocytes (Eggs) and Ovarian Tissue prior to transfer.  You must allow sufficient time for both SEBNJ and your current facility to process all documents and schedule a smooth transfer.
    All Client Depositors must provide laboratory test results for "High Risk" infectious diseases as defined by the FDA prior to the transfer and cryostorage of Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s) at SEBNJ (see listing below).


    The mandatory testing allows for the segregation of the vials/straws holding the Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s) of serologically negative Client(s) from serologically positive Client(s).  This represents a "Risk Management" procedure implemented, as a safety precaution to prevent cross contamination between individual Client Depositors' Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s) cryostored at SEBNJ.

    The following laboratory testing (see listing) is mandatory for Bailor and each Co-Bailor when embryo(s) were created using gametes from married and/or intimate partners. The laboratory testing must have been completed not more than 30 days prior to the cryopreservation of Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue and the egg retrieval. Alternatively, all testing may be performed any time before the Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s) are transferred to SEBNJ or between various facilities:


    RPR (Syphilis Serology)
    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

    Hepatitis B Core Antibody (embryo(s) only)
    Hepatitis C Virus Antibody
    HIV ½

    Additional testing and quarantine may be required for embryo(s) produced using an egg donor and/or a sperm donor (inquire for specific details).

    The Co-Bailors are required to complete and submit the following prior to transport and transfer
    (these forms are available at SEBNJ).

    1. Request for Storage and Attestation for Origin of the Cryopreserved Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s)

    2. Request and Consent for Transfer and Waiver of Tissue Suitability.

    3. Absentee Affidavit (when applicable)

    4. Credit Card Authorization (when applicable)
      In addition, it is the responsibility of the Bailor and Co-Bailor to request the release (to SEBNJ) of the following documents from the current facility holding the Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s) to obtain authorization from SEBNJ prior to the transport/transfer:

    5. A copy of the cryopreservation data such as (a) when the Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue were cryopreserved and Embryo(s) were created  (b) the date of freezing (c) labeling information to ID the vial(s)/straw(s) and/or cane. In addition, the freezing and thawing protocol from the harvesting/freezing facility must be provided to SEBNJ prior to the transfer/transport of the Reproductive Cell(s)/Tissue including Embryo(s).

    6. Copies for the mandatory laboratory testing, for both gamete donors, performed by the harvesting/freezing facility must be submitted to SEBNJ prior to the transfer. If no results are available, the laboratory testing will be performed on Bailor and each Co-Bailor prior to the transfer. Diagnostic laboratory testing will be based on current Tissue Bank requirements and be performed by a CLIA licensed and FDA registered laboratory using FDA approved tests.

    7. A copy of a valid state license, if applicable, or a valid accreditation certificate and\or a valid certificate from a federal regulatory agency, for the harvesting/freezing facility. For specimens collected or harvested in New York State, a valid New York State Department of Health Tissue Bank License is necessary, unless a transfer order for specimens has been issued to SEBNJ by a Federal or State Health Department or agency or by a court order.

    SEBNJ will not initiate or accept the transfer of any vial(s) and/or straw(s) without the receipt of all completed and signed documents and results for laboratory testing. Documents may be mailed, emailed or faxed prior to the transfer.

    See fee schedule for details.

    For details please contact our Client Services Director.

    Contact information:

    US Callers :
    International Callers:

    800-637-7776 and 908-232-6844
    Country code for USA + 908-232-6844


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