The Sperm Bank of NY, IncThe Sperm Bank of NY, Inc.
   Cryopreservation services for Sperm, Embryos & Eggs for future transplant
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About us

SEBNY offers cryopreservation of reproductive cell(s) & tissue, such as sperm, testicular tissue and epididymal aspirates for future Assisted Reproduction procedures.

SEBNY offers long term storage of embryo(s), ovarian tissue and eggs (oocytes).

SEBNY recruits and cryopreserves sperm from Donors of diverse ethnic origins for Worldwide distribution by BioGenetics


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For personalized service, to receive up to date information, obtain quotes of our fees and services or to arrange an appointment you may contact one of our Client Service Coordinators:



Within the USA 212-531-0115, 908-232-6844 or 800-637-7776

International Callers: Country Code for USA + 212-531-0115 or 908-232-6844

Fax:  908-232-2114
Mail: 13 East 37th street, suite 4F
New York, New York, 10016



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The Sperm and Embryo Bank of New York, Inc (SEBNY) is FDA Registered
The Sperm and Embryo Bank of New York, Inc (SEBNY) is licensed by:
The New York State Department of Health as a Laboratory(CLIA)and a Tissue Bank.


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